The channel often features large-scale works
Score Follower will only feature works composed within the prior ten years
A carefully curated YouTube channel for recording+score videos of modern compositions
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The channel also accepts submissions
Curated by the directors of Score Follower / Incipitsify
from both students and distinguished composers
A vast repository of recording+score videos
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E.g., video, theatrics, dance, & other forms of multimedia
or that incorporate visual aspects that are critical to the experience
For works that do not fall under the traditional means of graphic signification,
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Submission Guidelines

  • Submission should include a PDF score and (preferably) lossless audio file.
  • Score should be unpublished or permission must be obtained from rights holder.
  • Permission from any Mechanical Rights holder (record company) for use of audio.
  • Chamber works without large vertical system heights are preferred due to the viewing format. Orchestral works are typically not possible.