Join the Scorefollower Team!

Scorefollower is looking for volunteer interns to help with video production! The time commitment is very low and relaxed but we do need people who are reliable and accountable. Please see the qualifications below and contact us at if you are interested or have questions. Please send a short introductory email describing your qualifications and interest in the position with an attached CV/Resume. It is important to mention this is not a curatorial position, and you will not be responsible for selecting which pieces appear on our channels.

This is an unpaid position. All Scorefollower staff currently works on a volunteer basis.

Please submit by August 20 to be considered for this round of interns.

Required Qualifcations

  • Experienced musicianship in contemporary music. You will need to be able to read a score and accurately make page turns for the videos. This requires a basic familiarity with contemporary music and it’s notational conventions.

  • Access to video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere, Finalcut Pro, iMovie, etc. If you do not have experience editing video we are able to teach this process, although some experience is preferred.

  • Professionalism and ability to meet deadlines: We hope that each intern is able to produce about two videos per month (videos can take anywhere from thirty minutes to many hours to produce, but average about one hour or less.). We are very flexible about timing and understand shifting responsibilities, but we expect our team to stick to their commitments.

  • Confidentiality: Under no circumstances are you permitted to share or redistribute scores and recordings entrusted to you by Scorefollower and associated composers, publishers, and record companies.