imaginary concert series

the imaginary concert series is a monthly curated playlist of works within the Score Follower / Incipitsify archive as well as pieces, improvisations, and performances found across internet platforms. curated by Ryan Fellhauer, these imaginary concerts will center around particular issues effectively and diversely explored in many different kinds of music: new and old, notated and not, electronic, acoustic, etc.


In the world of sports, athleticism isn’t only defined as being the strongest or fastest, but an entire array of techniques, abilities, and most importantly, adaptabilities to how one’s own body can pursue activities. In music, the pursuit of athletic performance is explored constantly in ways beyond that of the classical virtuoso (stronger!, faster!, louder!, higher!), through the act of performance. This imaginary concert is a collection of these other athleticisms and is dedicated to the real champions of experimental music – the performers. In the comments, feel free to share more works and performances that pursue strangely athletic musical practices.

clipping. — intro

While clipping.’s delivery and flow is all about muscle, there is still a profound flexibility and sense of balance between the fast rhymes and the barren, heavy electronic landscapes underneath.

Jessie Marino — Heartfelt bird, vivid and in great style
(performed by Mark Knoop and Serge Vuille)

Jessie Marino’s music often combines the visual with the sonic through an intense choreography. To perform these works may not “sound” entirely athletic; but it requires such a dedication to the performer’s own body and sense of space as well as timing.

These next three performances all pursue instrumentalists and the way they approach their instruments so radically that it is almost completely removed from the identity of the instruments themselves. Performing these kinds of works requires a performative flexibility and adaptability from the performer that is unlike other practices, and while they may not showcase the instruments and their histories, they show the performer exploring the depths of what they can do.

Kurt Isaacson — low speech (animalesque)
(performed by Weston Olencki)

Paul Hübner + Dirk Marwedel

Marek Poliks — lamina hollow volume
(performed by our own Gleb Kanasevich)

Viper — You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack

An often overlooked kind of athleticism in music is through being profoundly prolific. Internet-famous Viper’s discography has averaged to over one entire album every single day for a few years, and quite a few of his tracks are incredibly unique.

Richard Barrett — nervous system

Richard Barrett is one of the most interesting performers and composers of our time. nervous system shows an intense and unique approach to performative electronics, pushing boundaries of what being a digital athlete can mean.

Pierluigi Billone — Δίκη Wall

Billone’s complex pursuit of simple instruments and their abilities to make sound is well known. In Δίκη Wall, the solo performer has to wear their instrument, causing the piece to be as physical as it is sonic. For a performer, navigating this awkward set up becomes evident through expression of the music itself.

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