score follower

new music recording+score Youtube videos

what we do: We make recording+score videos of modern compositions and post them to our YouTube channels SCORE FOLLOWER, INCIPITSIFY & MEDIATED SCORES and we are doing this completely aboveboard; i.e., we ask permission from all appropriate parties, including composers, performers, publishers, & record companies.

why we do it:
We are dedicated to the dissemination of new music & score study for educational and divulgation purposes. Our goal is to provide access to a type of experience (viewing a score while listening to the recording) only otherwise available to the privileged (students/faculty who happen to be affiliated with a university that has a large catalogue of new music scores). Not only are we providing this access by posting our featured works on a major [free] platform like YouTube, but we are streamlining the tedious process of contacting composers, obtaining the media, and turning pages at the right time. Instead, our viewers may simply click a link, experience the piece, and appreciate the musician’s abilities to communicate, interpret, and execute these unusual sounds. Finally, we hope that our efforts are extending the interest of new music on a global scale. Because of us, people who were on the fence about new music are now listening, and because of us, those who were already listening are becoming increasingly inspired.